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Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan | Pet Peeves - Posted on 2006-09-24 15:12:05
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OK.. there are 4 things on this planet that drive me right up the proverbial tree.....

1. People who don't get out of the way for emergency vehicles
2. People who don't sing the National Anthem the way it was written
3. Them annoying rollover advertisements.
4. People who spell lyk thys. I dunno about u.. but it makes mi uncomfortable and makes me wonder about ur intelligence

Those are mine.. what are yours?

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crochetmama | Untitled - Posted on 2006-09-24 23:57:46
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ahh! when you're driving on a road that is like 45 or 50 miles an hour and there is NO ONE behind you and your cruisin along and someone just ahead, who can obviously see you coming pulls out infront of you at 20 miles an hour and you have to slow down and then they take forever to get even to 40 just because they think you were trying to tail them... could they not have waited for 5 more seconds until i passed? they sure as hell weren't in a hurry!

dad2Xavier | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 17:26:44
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I HATE people who write with numbers eg. H1 1 L1k3 p13...

GRRRR and people who can't seem to drive the speed limit or people who can't seem to wait untill you pass...I almost hit a guy that did that and I bet had i hit him it would have been my fault and not his.....

and I hate people who judge people solely on how they look or dres or some other shallow meaningless thing...


So many other things annoy me, but for the moment, I seem to have forgotten them...or just don't want to tihnk about it anymore....LoL....I guess I am in too good of a mood to want to spoil it

ranor | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 18:01:23
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First of all, the phrase "pet peeve."

Spelling/grammar errors.

RoTaTiNG cApS.

People who don't enjoy (or worse, don't "get") sarcasm, irony, farce, or satire.



Lack of cross-cultural understanding.

Abusing HTML on places like MySpace.

Not making an effort to pronounce things the correct way in a foreign language.

Asking about a plot point during a movie.

Anal-retentive cleanliness.

Lack of parking skills. (SO bad in Asian shopping plazas.)

Asking stupid questions in class. (There is such a thing as a stupid question.)

Having to explain the same thing over and over again.

Fad dieting.

When the news does not cite the original study when they report scientific news, especially when they report specific claims. ("A new study finds that blah blah blah.")

An extension of the above: when commercials/informercials do not cite original studies when making claims about their products.

Commercials at the movie theater.

Disdain for the concept of "selling out."


Pick-up trucks with two sets of rear wheels. (That fad is fading out, thank God.)

When other people--ESPECIALLY COMPLETE STRANGERS--butt into my family's business. (Like if we're having an argument in a public place or something. It's happened before.)

The "shocker."

Machismo and the frat boy mentality.

Pretending to be dumb to get other people to like you.

Pretending in general.

The concept of daylight savings time and its antiquated ties to the agrarian past of American society.

When people think I'm stupid just because I use vulgarities quite often.

Not having bookshelf space for all my books.

Dying plants.


How individuals or religious/environmental/activist groups use the power of guilt to try to make you do something.

Lack of scientific literacy.

Bending the truth.

The word "vagina." (There doesn't seem to be a word that sounds nice to refer to that body part.)

Suburban boredom.

Pumpkin smashers. (They made my sister cry when they smashed her pumpkin after Halloween a few years ago. The next year, I waited up for them and scared them away with a metal rake.)


I'm sure there are more. I could probably write all day on the subject, but I have to stop somewhere if I want to do anything else in life. Maybe more later?

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 18:25:47
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Haha a female body part's name is your pet peeve. :P

Earlier today I was talking about boys with my friend and she was like "THEY HAVE A THINGY! EW!" and like.... she never wants to see guys naked 'cause it's gross.

ranor | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 18:37:26
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Man, the... *shudders* vagina... isn't any prettier.

There are so many things that can go wrong with naked people. Yet so many things can also go right. Or left.

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 18:43:26
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I don't want to think about naked people. I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THAT!!!

ranor | OMG. - Posted on 2007-01-08 19:10:27
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I feel so freakin' old.

Oh, add that to the list:

Feeling old. (Not being old, mind you, but definitely feeling it.)

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 19:20:41
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I often feel like I need to get everything done before I turn eighteen, because then my life will be over. I don't really know why.

LostSoul13 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 19:31:36
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one big pet peeve of mine is when people ask you for your opinion and then tell you that you're wrong. Then they go further to explain why you're wrong.

or when people provoke you to do something just to see if you'll do it.

it irks me.

dad2Xavier | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-08 21:20:11
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I feel old to on sites that are over populated by "teen" people, not that teens bother me overly...but just going to a site and seeing over half the members are under 18...its slightly depressing LoL

Later Dayz

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