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General Discussion » AIM/MSN etc. conversation excerpts
randomjunk | AIM/MSN etc. conversation excerpts - Posted on 2007-09-18 01:20:11
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I'm pretty sure that everyone who uses any instant messaging program has at least one of these things. I know I always have lots. I just don't want to keep making new posts just to show them. :P

Feel free to post your own conversations. I'll probably double-post a lot since I have so much to share...

Me: you KNOW that would never work
Angie: whatever
Angie: its like your plan to destroy humanity
Me: ...
Me: a girl can have dreams!

if i was at a blind internet date, and i never seen this girl, and we met at a resturaunt the next day
and she was REALLY REALLY fat
would it hurt to tell her?

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middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-05 23:38:25
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Oh, man, I've had some GREAT ONES this week...but I only just remembered this thread.

The one about him jacking off is kind of obnoxious. D:


randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-06 00:16:39
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I'm the only one that posts here, it seems. :|

On the one hand, I stated that it was for my own use after Bullet commented on it, but on the other hand, my original intent was for everyone to use it...

I am alienated here. :(

Plot to get into a 21+ club concocted for Angie's entertainment:

Angie: ok we're assuming you're NOT with any legal ppl
randomjunk: hmmm
randomjunk: well
randomjunk: you'd need several people then
randomjunk: okay
randomjunk: you get three people
randomjunk: who are willing to help you
randomjunk: they don't have to be legal
randomjunk: but one of them has to be able to drive
Angie: ok and you have to get them in too
Angie: ok
randomjunk: and one of them has to have a bike
Angie: mhm
randomjunk: the person driving will "hit" the person on the bike
randomjunk: the person on the bike will dismount just before getting "hit"
randomjunk: getting "hit" will involve the person driving to be able to slow down quickly and have screechy brakes
randomjunk: so they stop before actually hitting the person
randomjunk: but the person with the bike will throw their bike (which would be better if it's old already) out a bit
randomjunk: and then they collapse on the ground
randomjunk: the third person
randomjunk: starts screaming for help
randomjunk: while the driver gets out in the middle of the street
randomjunk: and pretends to freak out
randomjunk: now
randomjunk: the bouncer or door guard or whatever
randomjunk: should be distracted
randomjunk: and may go to help
randomjunk: this is assuming the club is the closest place
randomjunk: now, you sneak
randomjunk: *in
Angie: varsha's on
randomjunk: yeah
randomjunk: the person who drove sneaks in while the bouncer is talking to the "injured" person
randomjunk: who should have a change of pants and fake blood on their leg
randomjunk: *the pants are not on their leg*
randomjunk: so the bouncer is occupied with the injured person, and the screamer sneaks in
randomjunk: meanwhile those already in have to change into disguises
randomjunk: makeup and wigs, maybe
randomjunk: along with high heels for girls
randomjunk: to make them taller
randomjunk: and maybe something that looks like stubble for guys
randomjunk: just so that they won't be instantly recognizeable to someone scanning the room
randomjunk: oh
randomjunk: and sunglasses

I got cut off here so the rest is as follows:

The injured person is still outside with the bouncer. Theirs is the most difficult part at this time. They need to get the bouncer to go get help, so they need to be a good actor and very persuasive. The ideal situation would be one where the bouncer is too dumb to call 911, so he goes to find a police officer or someone similar. In this situation the person can go into the club, change their pants, and put on some sort of disguise. This way no serious trouble happens, except for maybe a burly guy feeling foolish or pissed off. You can retrieve the car later. It would be better to have a very very grimy license plate so that the numbers/letters would be difficult to read, and more trouble could be evaded. It would also be preferable if you parked somewhere out of the way, so you wouldn't get towed.

Bullet | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-07 20:59:13
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Since I'm bored at school and having nothing to do but stare at my laptop, I'll put this up.

(A brief 'conversation' that was on the comment list of a fake torrent.)
-Emoticons were replaced.

A: This is NOT real..
The whole thing is just reskinned to show version 9. It's all in the skinning.
The fioles are ALL from version 8.0 - all the dll's are the same, and the executables are the same, just renamed.

B: Thank's for the info Skinners kill them all

C: Don't you mean Skin'em ? Skin the skinners!!!

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-09 23:37:25
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Steve: When Kara catches me drinking at the fountain, she always grabs my butt.

Steve: I have to watch for her.

Sarah: Yeah, but you're friends

Steve: Uh huh.

Steve: That's true.

Sarah: so it's not as weird

Sarah: lol

Sarah: and do you even have a butt?

Steve: Apparently I do.

*meanwhile, I'm asking Katie if I have a butt*

Sarah: Sean slapped mine at that party one time.

Sarah: Anyway, I don't know what to say...there are just so many uncertains

Sarah: ?

*I copy and paste the conversation from Katie to Sarah's box*

Steve: "Steve: Sarah Auvil wants to know if I have a butt.

Katie: Tell her to look and find out, then wink a lot.

Steve: No, she's asking you.

Katie: Hm.

Katie: Isn't your butt bigger than mine?

Steve: At least, pretend she is.

Katie: There was that thing last year at the pool.


Katie: Haha.

Katie: And they say I have a black ass.

Katie: So.

Katie: Yes, you have a butt.

Steve: Ok, great! Thanks."

Sarah: lol wow

Sarah: well, count your blessings, at least I don't grab it

Sarah: haha

Sarah: I do grab Kyle's curly thing in the back...and Roo's roobs

Sarah: meep.

I have a butt, and it rules. :D

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-09 23:42:43
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Sarah read this page.

Sarah: Was that when you found your butt?

Steve: No. It's when Katie found it.

Sarah: How did that happen?

Steve: I'll just leave it at that.

Sarah: I want to hear the story now...

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-10 20:56:05
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"Kyle's curly thing in the back...and Roo's roobs"

I am inclined to wonder what these things are. :P

Bullet | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-11 01:22:28
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Kyle's probably a pig.

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-11 23:01:27
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Kyle's my homeboy, with short hair that curls a little bit. The roobs are Roo's man boobs, pretty much.

Steve: Don't ever brush your teeth with H202.

Steve: H2O2

David: and why is that?

Steve: Because it makes you thirsty ALL DAY.

Steve: And it tastes bad.

Steve: Kind of bitter.

David: Hmm that might be bad

Steve: Plus, I hear it's poison if swallowed.

David: Psh

David: That's a rumor

David: We all know its a lie

David: Jk

David: Haha



David: Yum

Steve: I like big burps, and I can not lie.

Steve: MY other softdrinks won't deny.

David: I know what you mean bro

Steve: That when a burp comes out with that itty bitty start and that finish like a fart I get FUNNY

David: And when a burp comes out with a really big shout and a bad smell in your snout you get

David: Bummed

Steve: Did you just make that up?

David: yeah why?

Steve: Because it's awesome.

David: Haha

David: Thanks

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-12 18:41:17
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He must be good at rapping. :P

LostSoul13 | Untitled - Posted on 2008-03-12 20:43:21
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darn you. I have that song stuck in my head now

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