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General Discussion » Free photo editing software and tutorial
KKama67 | Free photo editing software and tutorial - Posted on 2006-11-17 10:31:44
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Freeware Solution: PhotoFiltre
If you don’t have any image editing software that supports photo sharpening, one application you can download for free (for personal use only) is PhotoFiltre. While we don’t endorse any specific product, you can download the free version of PhotoFiltre from here: www.photofiltre.com. Click the “Downloads” link the left menu, pick your language, and off you go.

Once you have the software installed, open your image, and choose Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen More. While the sharpening quality here is not quite as good as in some commercial packages, it’s very usable considering that you didn’t have to pay a cent.

Once again, the image will look slightly over-sharpened. This is on purpose as long as we plan to resize the image (think of the billboard example again). Next, we will resize the digital photograph.

Go to Image >> Image Size… Change the middle drop down to “Percent” and type in “50” in either the “Height” or the “Width” box. As long as “Preserve Aspect Ratio” is selected, the other dimension will automatically change also. Keep the “optimize” checkbox checked, and hit “OK”.

Lastly, we will save the Image, by going to File >> Save As. We choose “JPEG” from the “Save as Type” drop-down, and save the image.

That’s it for now with the basic 101 introduction to Digital Photo Sharpening. We will be adding the next tutorial soon. Until then, look around on our site and enjoy the amazing photographs some of our members have submitted.

(c) Copyright 2005, EyeFetch.com. All rights reserved.

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KKama67 | Links to more tutorials for this FREE software - Posted on 2006-11-17 10:37:41
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PhotoFiltre is a complete image editing and effects package, that will not only amaze you with features but also the fact that it is free (for personal use). It comes with many features that rival some commercial packages, as well as additional add-on that can be downloaded from the web site. PhotoFiltre offers all the standard editing features (selection, clone brush, paint brush etc.) as well as a large selection of image effects, photo masks, image adjustments, thumbnail browser and much more. The program also supports batch processing to apply filters, sizing, adjustments and transformations to a large number of images at once. PhotoFiltre comes with modern, well designed interface and is well suited for everything from simple resizing to advanced photo editing.

Changelog Version 8.0.2 ( 2006)

- Bug fixing when saving image as TIFF without compression
- Bug fixing in the buttons (+) (-) of the tool bar (don't undo if selection changed)
- Bug fixing in the advanced paint brush tool
Changelog Version 8.0.2 ( 2006)

- Bug fixing when saving image as TIFF without compression
- Bug fixing in the buttons (+) (-) of the tool bar (don't undo if selection changed)
- Bug fixing in the advanced paint brush tool


changbang | Photofiltre - Posted on 2006-11-17 11:52:44
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I have photo filtre. Thanks for the tutorials.

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