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General Discussion » The Big Kahuna
KKama67 | The Big Kahuna - Posted on 2006-11-06 13:54:03
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The Big Kahuna

A kahuna in the Hawaiian language refers to a doctor. There were also kahunas that did bad things like hexes and curses. I guess it could be compared to your common day witches. Kahunas could release a curse or place one.

I would like to dedicate this thread to myths and legends of Hawaii.

The goddess Pele is considered to be the BIG CHEESE. (Not big kahuna)

She is also known for cursing Hawaii visitors who return to their homeland with volcanic rock, and has always been considered a protector of the Hawaiian people. Every year many lava rock pieces are shipped back to Hawaii from around the world from people who claim to have experienced horrible misfortune since removing the rocks, accompanied by letters asking for Pele's forgiveness..

many, many more stories of hawaiian gods and goddess including stories of Pele to come if there is an interest??


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JMC | Leaping Place of Souls - Posted on 2006-11-06 14:05:08
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Kaena Point (Leeward Oahu)

Leaping Place of Souls

Desolate Kaena Point was known as a place from which souls departed from the earth. Here, the souls of the dead, or near dead, wandered. Here they leaped into the night. Good souls moved to the right when leaping; those who moved to the left fell into "the pit of endless night."

lazypuppy | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 15:03:36
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how did the Big Kahuna get associated with surfing then if it was not even surfing related?

This is so interesting!!! I like reading things like this :)

KKama67 | Exactly - Posted on 2006-11-06 16:14:35
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People misinterpreted the meaning of the word and just slandered it. Even a radion station has a DJ that claims to be the big kahuna. I think enough people complained so I dont hear much of it anymore.

KKama67 | Kaena Point - Posted on 2006-11-06 19:19:58
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Many people have commited suicide off of Kaena point so it is off limits.

JMC | The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii - Posted on 2006-11-07 03:51:06
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by Pila of Hawaii, William "Pila" Chiles, Pila

From the Publisher
Hawaii -- a place all the world knows as paradise and one of the most remote places on earth -- may hold a clue for all humanity during our very defining moment in history. Pila explains why Hawaii is the crossroads of all our mysteries. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, even the location of the islands themselves hold a key that could unlock a giant door and reveal the path to our future.

Pila of Hawaii will take you on a journey through time and captivate your soul with the life-transforming power that the islands' sacred sites, folklore and myths bring to those who are willing to seek it. Whether you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise or searching for greater insights into your own spirit, this book will open you to a world of exquisite beauty and power.

Wow, did you read that NuTangers!:

the location of the Hawaiin islands themselves hold a key that could unlock a giant door and reveal the path to our future.

KKama67 | Awesome find - Posted on 2006-11-07 11:31:03
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That was an awesome find!! Great research!

KKama67 | Can you eat pupu? - Posted on 2006-11-07 11:46:30
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Yes!! Hawaiian pupus are nothing more than hawaiian appetizers.

"The pupu platter found at many luaus is basically a platter of hors d'oeuvres, island style." This platter may consist of different hawaiian finger foods made from chicken, pork or beef including vegetables.

JMC | PuPu - Posted on 2006-11-07 12:37:59
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Pupu, pu-pu or poopoo can refer to:

An alien from Final Fantasy VIII
A non-vulgar English slang for Feces
Pu pu platter
PoPO NuTang's latest feature – Popular Posts

the word pupu (commonly used for "hors d`oeuvre" here) originally referred to a piece of banana that was eaten while drinking `awa (which is a tad unpalatable until you get used to it). Pupu is the word for a small piece of food eaten after drinking to cover the taste

Unless you use the word as a color to describe an Hawiian island, white or brown-pupu o ni`ihau-Island of Ni`ihau

JMC | Don't Eat that Turtle Soup! - Posted on 2006-11-07 12:48:13
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From Veronica S. Schweitzer: In Hawaii, legend tells about a green sea turtle, Kauila, who could change herself into a girl to watch over the children playing at Punalu'u Beach on the Big Island. When Kauila's mother dug her nest, a fresh water spring surged upward, quenching the children's thirst. Kauila is the "mythical mother" of all turtles, and perhaps of our children as well. It's also said that turtles were the guides for the first voyagers to Hawaii.

KKama67 | Hawaiian word of the day - Posted on 2006-11-12 04:22:02
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Foreigners to hawaii believe that the word haole is a derrogitory word. It is not. It basically means westerner. It is not specifically identifying caucasions but people that come from the west.

The big kahuna says:

The hawaiian word for the day is: Hauoliwhich means happy.

To wish someone happy birthday you would say,
"Hauoli la hanau"

To wish someone happy new year, you would say,
"Hauoli maka hiki hou"

Haole and Hauoli mean two different things.. neither one of them are bad.


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