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>>>>My Profile

>>>>Name: Ho Yeow Tuck (Tommy)
>>>>Age: 33+
>>>>First Cry: 13.10.1983
>>>>Gender: Male
>>>>Occupation: Front Counter Staff
>>>>Hobbies: Love to try out new things
>>>>Email: yeow_tuck@msn.com
>>>>Movie I Love: A lot (as long as they have interesting storyline)
>>>>Songs I Like: Too Many
My Goals
- Earn $$, Save $$

- Loss Weight

- Find a Miss Right that I love and love me too
Items I wanna get before End of 2017
- More Savings and Savings

- My Driving License (shd I?)
My philosophy in Life
My philosophy in Life:

Time never stop. Life goes on no matter what you do. Memories are the most precious thing in life, it can be permanent. You cannot leave everything to fate. You must believe in yourself, fight for yourself!!

Have faith in yourself and give everything a try. Treasure every air you breath in and make it worth.

Have a target!!! If you can dream about it, you can work on it.
If you think about it, you can reach it.


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Music Station
Coffee and Love
Monday. 1.17.11 12:58 pm
Quit Coffee since 2011

Perhap I should said stop taking coffee since 2011

Since I stop drinking coffee, it had been sleepless nite....

Should I stop? Why should I stop?

Coffee is like Love. I have used to it... Why must I forced myself to stop....let nature take its course....

How can I live without coffee? How can I live without favor...if coffee is my onli favor.... Nth else could make me myself....

Nah. I wouldn't stop coffee again....

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New Phone
Monday. 1.17.11 5:49 am
Just bought my new phone last week

It's a Samsung Galaxy S i9000.....It means more photo upload ^^

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Saturday, January 8, 2011
I'm a indifferent person. I always said I love this, I like that. Little things that I will mention I hate or dislike. Normally I just keep quiet.

When I grow older, I tends to understand more about myself. There's two things I pretty sure. For first, I hate bastards who is not serious with their relationship and go ard chasing girls. For second I really dislike people who don't reply. A yes or no. As simple as that.

How am I going to respect people who don't respect people.

P.s. Respect is not something to be given. It is sth to be earned.

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I phone vs Samsung galaxy s
Tuesday. 4.1.11 9:34 am
I think I will go for the latter

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Change CHange CHAnge CHANGE
Tuesday, January 4, 2011
No point talk about the past

No use planning about future without action

Even small actions are significant.....

Time to change, have to change, muz change

Let me start small

Let me start from tidy up my room...
I know it's big...
Let me break into sections
Let me break into 10 sections
One day a little, for sure it can be done within 10 days.....

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Monday. 12.20.10 10:35 am
Been thinking too much nowaday....time to sleep....MIA from this world...........

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