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300 condensed
Wednesday. 3.28.07 9:00 am

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The 300 movie Spartan workout
Monday. 3.26.07 7:55 am
Ever wonder how those guys from 300 got their muscles ripped like that?

Here´s how. Damn.

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God of War + LARP = best viral site, ever
Sunday. 3.25.07 11:34 pm

From watching LARPers fight in "Battle", to the documentary in "characters" and the "rules" to the "epic battle", this site promoting God of War 2 by Sony is awesome.

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Some linkback lovin´for my sites this week
Sunday. 3.25.07 10:36 pm

-First off my rpg NPC art site,after getting official sanction from White Wolf games has gotten some attention in the past week, with a vampire community in orkut linking it. (the fifth so far)

-Then theres a review of my rpg art site by Spanish blog La Cueva, who hopefully had a positive review of it, as sadly Spanish isnt one of the languages I communicate by. Can anyone can translate the review for me?

-Some Nutang users had their opinion on my Nutang review, and posted a few users who had earned over $15 over at ikimashokie´s Nutang page. Drop by and check it out.

-Another yell goes to Dane at the "This is for real" blog, to whom i drew a quick sketch, for the linkback.

-Thanks goes to the linkback on the Agloco scam by onlinemoneyideasforu´s blog, its 25th of March and there´s still no sign of the vapourware Agloco viewbar. Slashmysearch, on the other hand, has given me $16.12 just through referrals, no instalation needed at all.

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Updated my art blog, and drooled at the new Venom trailer
Friday. 3.23.07 11:11 pm
Spent an hour cutting back the 2 pages of backstory on this guy to a short description on my art blog

And man, Venom´s looking great in the new Spidey trailer.

Topher Grace as Venom = awesome.

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What goes in a nugget?
Friday. 3.23.07 11:10 pm

Saw this on Digg-
“The ingredients listed in the flyer suggest a lot of thought goes into a nugget, that and a lot of corn. Of the thirty-eight ingredients it takes to make a McNugget, I counted thirteen that can be derived from corn: the corn-fed chicken itself; modified cornstarch (to bind the pulverized chicken meat); mono-, tri-, and diglycerides (emulsifiers, which keep the fats and water from separating); dextrose; lecithin (another emulsifier); chicken broth (to restore some of the flavor that processing leeches out); yellow corn flour and more modified cornstarch (for the batter); cornstarch (a filler); vegetable shortening; partially hydrogenated corn oil; and citric acid as a preservative. A couple of other plants take part in the nugget: There's some wheat in the batter, and on any given day the hydrogenated oil could come from soybeans, canola, or cotton rather than corn, depending on the market price and availability.

According to the handout, McNuggets also contain several completely synthetic ingredients, quasiedible substances that ultimately come not from a corn or soybean field but form a petroleum refinery or chemical plant. These chemicals are what make modern processed food possible, by keeping the organic materials in them from going bad or looking strange after months in the freezer or on the road. Listed first are the "leavening agents": sodium aluminum phosphate, mono-calcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and calcium lactate. These are antioxidants added to keep the various animal and vegetable fats involved in a nugget from turning rancid. Then there are "anti-foaming agents" like dimethylpolysiloxene, added to the cooking oil to keep the starches from binding to air molecules, so as to produce foam during the fry. The problem is evidently grave enough to warrant adding a toxic chemical to the food: According to the Handbook of Food Additives, dimethylpolysiloxene is a suspected carcinogen and an established mutagen, tumorigen, and reproductive effector; it's also flammable. But perhaps the most alarming ingredient in a Chicken McNugget is tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, an antioxidant derived from petroleum that is either sprayed directly on the nugget or the inside of the box it comes in to "help preserve freshness." According to A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives, TBHQ is a form of butane (i.e. lighter fluid) the FDA allows processors to use sparingly in our food: It can comprise no more than 0.02 percent of the oil in a nugget. Which is probably just as well, considering that ingesting a single gram of TBHQ can cause "nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse." Ingesting five grams of TBHQ can kill.”

Oh dear.

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