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Transformers:The Game images leaked!
Friday. 4.20.07 1:15 pm
Images of the upcoming Transformers games have finally appeared over the net

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Feeding the turtles
Tuesday. 4.17.07 6:45 pm

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Weird news
Monday. 4.16.07 11:54 pm
When Penis Met Vagina
GERMANY -- A local couple went to a fertility clinic here in Lubek when they were unable to have children. After a battery of tests showed they were both fertile, doctors finally discovered the problem: The ultra-religious pair had never had sex and had no idea how it was done. "We're not talking about retarded people here," said one doctor of the husband, 36, and wife, 30. "They were simply unaware, after eight years of marriage, of the physical requirements necessary to procreate." This discovery also helped clear up a lot of the problems the not-so-bright couple were having earlier with their toaster.

The Unkindest Cut
ROMANIA -- An older gentleman in the southeastern village of Galati will wince every single time he hears the phrase "choke the chicken" for the rest of his God-forsaken life. Constantin Mocanu, 67, made the very uncommon error of mistaking his penis for the neck of a chicken and sliced the organ off. Adding insult to painful injury, the man's dog charged the chopped-off appendage and -- uh, yeah -- ate it. Apparently the fowl had been consistently interrupting his sleep at night with its clucking and such, so Mocanu ran into his yard in his underwear and made his fateful stab at stupidity. The irony here: The dog is believed to have thought, "Tastes like chicken."

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
IRAN -- Don't think skinny-dipping is dangerous? An Iranian newspaper -- a trustworthy source if ever there was one -- reported that a woman gave birth to a frog. The Iranian daily Etemaad speculated that a frog larva entered the woman's vagina while she was swimming in a dirty pool and grew to adulthood inside her body. A visiting team of French doctors couldn't decide whether to study the newborn or eat it.

Finger-Licking Good
JAPAN -- Monks from an ancient Buddhist temple in western Japan tried blocking the sale of a new candy mar-keted as "Snot from the Nose of the Great Buddha." The humorless Buddhists from the ancient capital of Nara clearly didn't see the hilarity of the product, the packaging of which shows Buddha picking his schnoz. The manufacturer, Yamamoto Bussan, also offers an appetizing candy called "Deer Droppings." An MF spy who looked into the company's R&D lab reports that the company may soon be offering "Dead Orphan Gum Drops" and "Amputation Mints."

Critics' Pick
AUSTRIA -- Got a hunger pang and can't find a vending machine? Good news: A healthy snack is waiting for you right under your nose. Actually, er, in it. An Innsbruck doctor claimed that picking your nose and eating it is actually good for you because the dead bacteria in boogers can strengthen your immune system. "When this mixture arrives in the intestines," said Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist, "it works just like a medicine." Bischinger also said parents should encourage their offspring to get in there and pick out a winner. Damn if that little booger-eating nerd from fifth grade wasn't right again!

Hung Jury
IOWA -- A Davenport woman testified in defense of her husband against charges of indecent exposure. Doug Neece's wife explained that her husband's penis was too small to be seen by his alleged victim, a female postal worker, who was 35 feet away. The jury convicted him anyway, and he will be placed on the state's sex-offender registry. We hear it's a short list. Zing!

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Laws of the internet
Monday. 4.16.07 12:43 pm

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Of Dice and Men
Sunday. 4.15.07 3:24 pm
Great online narrations past week, from the hunt for a salubri vampire who has become a shock rocker to putting all the players under torture by a pissed-off Giovanni clan, Im getting used to the whole "RPG over IRC" thing now. Sadly that left me too tired and I was forced to refuse an offer to narrate a game in Brasilia. I´ll be posting some funy exceprts from those games, as well as the npcs I created for those games at my rpg npc blog.

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Todd Goldman is an art thief
Thursday. 4.12.07 7:37 am
Recently, the Jack Gallery in Los Angeles hosted an exhibition entitled “Golddigger” featuring the works of Todd Goldman, the guy responsible for those "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" shirts and other items that raised a controversy a few years back.

The funny thing is that a Something Awful reader noticed that among Goldman’s “originals” was a replica of Dave’s Purple Pussy strip and a forum thread appeared over at Something Awful, comparing the two.

Then, in the words of Scott Kurtz "Word about the plagiarism as spread throughout the webcomics community and now, a strip that nobody noticed has found an all new context. It has been elevated to the status of a symbol of plagiarized work. The news made it outside of the webcomics community and into the larger world of mainstream comics. Rich Johnston’s popular Lying in the gutters column even featured the story."

And it also made Todd Goldman´s wikipedia page, which also linked to other sources that Todd Goldman has plagarized in his work. For a gallery of everything that Todd has supposedly plagarized, theres a huge list here, with image comparisions

Amazing that talentless thieves like Todd Goldman can get rich.

If you wish to help- Todd Goldman has a profile at the Jack Gallery website, they manage him (?). The gallery can be reached toll free by phone: 877.252.2122, or artist representation email: rep@S²art.com

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