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  • thaitanic VS. lyndeep: high roller
    i'm bored. anyone wanna battle? i'm 1 for 1 apparently. i haven't set any stipulations, but if you have a challenge, i'm ready to meet it. cheers, sank.

  • thaitanic VS. randomjunk:

  • Silver-dot- VS. kevin14: I love NuTang
    Basically, the opponent and I will have to...prove who loves the Tang the most. Let the show BEGIN! (I think this will have to be played out in the forum area. Let's have about ten rounds? Waddaya think?)

  • Bullet VS. Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan:

  • Gotzhotmoney VS. randomjunk: Startin a fight
    My blog is interesting, so I should fight somebody to prove that it is. so lets rumble.

  • lykfe VS. Bullet: Far friends, close neighbour
    We had a quick debate/discussion who is more popular among NuTang. >> quick summary of lykfe and bullet lykfe>> 20~25th ranking popularity points top 5th of most active had a record of being the number 1 top nutang for a day ^^ COOL layout Just started Nutang(Newbie) Experienced HTML Coder bullet<< no rankin what so ever he's on the list in active members.. more experienced in NUTang More money more posts funny web layout

  • elessar257 VS. Dilated: Battle of the Titans!
    Dilated and I are at the Nutangers mercy. We are prepared to deal with the challenges you lay before us. All of you at Nutang will compose a list of challenges that Dilated and I must face and do. Example: Eat a grasshopper, dance at walmart, wear your underwear over your pants for a day, and other such things. The list must not contain things which could potentially cause us harm, such as jumping off a three story building or punching a cop in the face. Also, the list must not contain challenges that require purchasing items or challenges that are obscene (If you wouldn't want your child to see or do this, then don't make US do it). The list cut off will be at 20 challenges. Each challenge will be documented in visual form (pictures) or whatever other means possible to prove such moments. The first to complete all the challenges wins. The rules may be altered by Dilated and I upon our agreement. May the best Nutanger win.

  • randomjunk VS. elessar257: Draw yourself on Paint!
    It doesn't have to be realistic, as long as it looks kind of like you. It CANNOT be an artistic interpretation (ex. a flower, a jellybean with eyes). NO STICK FIGURES!

  • randomjunk VS. KayWhy:

  • elessar257 VS. Helena: Duel to the Death!
    I'm calling out Helena to duel me! Why? Because she annoys me like no other. And I'm curious to know, who is the better of the two? You tell us!

  • ThisCharmingMan VS. Dilated: Yo Mamma
    it's kinda like a "yo mamma battle.. but way cooler.. because.. well, i'm in the battle.. and i'm cool.." Rules are: No racial slang Put down the other person. Best insulter wins.

  • ManOfDarkSunglasses VS. catatonicloki: Who is of the Darker Sunglasses?
    Do you believe yourself to be in possession of a worthy pair of dark sunglasses? Cool enough to take on the shades of the ManOfDarkSunglasses himself? Post a photo of your opaque eyewear, and let the public decide. My Entry: http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/421/aviatorsandhat2vv2.jpg You can only submit a single photo, and the sunglasses have to be dark (no transparency). Your own photo, of your own sunglasses please. A true connoisseur of obscure spectacles need not abase themselves by turning to Google images. Thank you, that is all.

  • randomjunk VS. Dilated: Make Up a Story! :D
    Whoever can make up the best story wins. Rules: 1. You can't vote for me because just I'm your friend. 2. The story must have an animal in it. 3. The story must contain at least three characters. 4. (This should be obvious) You must write the story yourself. 5. You may submit more than one story. 6. You must say "toast" somewhere in your story. :D

  • Dormanium VS. randomjunk: Publicity Stunt of All Publicity Stunts
    50 PP to the champion!!!

  • Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan VS. Silver-dot-:

  • Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan VS. noob123: polijmgj
    kjjbvfcd dzxqzaq".bgfcsz6555555555;HDWAW2

  • noob123 VS. Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan: Person with most inuyasha material on site wins.

  • brittybratty8907 VS. InsaneFishy: BORED BATTLE
    No one has used this in weeks so i thought i'd bring NWF back to Life...anyone wanna mess with the pink panther??

  • Dilated VS. The-Muffin-Man:
    Hopefully this will take about three months like my last one did.

  • little-b VS. MCole: Ultimate Smiley Story
    Write a recent entry using as many of the smilies as possible!!!

  • MCole VS. invisible:

  • finelegsforever VS. MCole: Poetr y.....
    k really i just want an excuse to write somethin........ but anyways anyone can accept this battle the stipulations: you have to write one piece of poetry on the same subject as me...... really whoever wants to do this we really need to decide what the subject will be and what the deadline post is......so yeah...msg me... or sumthin...

  • brittybratty8907 VS. Chloefoxx: A Boredom Battle
    so i am really bored so i decided to start one of these things...i have never battled before so please be nice to me...i really don't wanna go up agianst people that have one like 6 of these...so if you wanna battle me...go for it...but remember i have the Pink Panther on my side!

  • CPKviperpheonix VS. monkeymeister: I have limited interent so sum1 has 2 feel my pain
    I can hardly get on the interent, I have 2 go 2 da libary everytime I get online.... I can't do a lot of things on nutang and with helping da site b/c Of stupid things at the libaary, and it sucks ass... and I have a few more problems with things, including nto being in a house anymore, and crap....so I tell you what.. I have a lot of rage to take out, and I'm willing 2 kill whoever wants it!! Come on and make my summer just a little bit more enjoyable and bearable, I need 2 destroy sum1 now b4 Iburst!!!!!

  • Dilated VS. invisible:

  • Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan VS. monkeymeister: The Birthday Battle
    I just gotta prove I got what it takes... gettin' older and all that..... so.. who's gonna step up????

  • Ajibalaji89 VS. invisible: Thursdays are evil.
    I feel like celebrating because I've retired from being on the top 8. En garde!

  • Dilated VS. Morpheus:

  • Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan VS. invisible: Wheeeee!!!
    I am having WAY too much fun here.... Let's Battle!!!

  • KatnicityAnnToTheMax VS. orjustnoone:

  • CPKviperpheonix VS. Yenamaboya: Yenamaboya: I\'m calling U out!!
    *DON'T ACCEPT THIS BATTLE UNLESS YOU ARE YENAMABOYA!!!!* Ok Yenamaboya, U wanna whine and cry 2 me about glory and winning and crap b/c I did not vote for U, and I voted for Papagoya? I don't need 2 hear that crap just b/c I did not vote 4 U. I'm going 2 show U a thing or 2 about that glory and honor that U was talking about!! Lets battle... old comrade!

  • orjustnoone VS. Chloefoxx: the battle....
    its not just a battle its the battle.....

  • Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan VS. KatnicityAnnToTheMax: The USS Doomed Sails Again!!
    I must be a glutton for punishment..... wanna play???

  • Papagoya VS. Yenamaboya: Relken Maka-nrijiaili
    The prophecy must be fullfilled. As you remember, it said: relken maka-nrijiaili, wertupilk jyroosian-liania poopii.

  • monkeymeister VS. seewun: funkify your life, get on down...
    This town isn't big enough for the two of us, especially because your so cubby like a little baby.. except on little.. so more like a huge baby, 20,000 stories tall!!!!!! i mean, lets get this party started--wait no-- i mean your going DOWN, DOWN I TELL YOU, DOWN!!!!!! also if you vote for monkeymeister you might just get a few pps!!! aint that a deal!

  • theangstronaut VS. dave: Ladies & Gentlemen!!
    A Battle between friends.

  • Chloefoxx VS. invisible: again!
    another battle. come on, you know you want to.

  • Chloefoxx VS. theZEBRA: i\'ll kick yo ass
    um, probably not but it seems fun. lets fight.

  • xCALLTHECOPS VS. monkeymeister: I ♥ MASHA
    Yeah uh basically I want to battle because I'm awesome. My profile is new so it kind of sucks but it'll be better soon, I swear. Oh, I speak Russian, so that clearly gives you a reason to vote for me. GO GO GO.

  • CPKviperpheonix VS. Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan: the new years eve BBBeatdown!!
    Come on peoples, 2005 has had its up and downs, and I wanna end 2005 with a victory over one of yall other nutangers, so how about it? The BBB is about 2 run str8 through 1 unlucky nutanger, who is it going 2 be?

  • AvoOleA VS. CPKviperpheonix: I want to battle
    Who's gonna step up to ..the.. umm person.. umm the newbie.. Oh whatever who wants a piece of this??

  • dave VS. Bartholomew: Title Match
    Bartholomew, I'm calling you out! Yea, that's right, only accept this match if you are Bartholomew. I know you waited a long time to battle it out with me. Now here's your chance to prove what you're made of!

  • dave VS. ikimashokie: The First Battle
    This is the first battle, so participate at your own risk!! (find bugs? please notify dave asap! thanks.)

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